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Tailor-made customer service training seminars provided on location in Missouri

Culminates in Impeccable Customer Service

 Missouri customer service

For further information on customer service programs in Missouri and throughout the U.S., please call
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Training For Success customer service training seminars are created for distinct industries and customized to satisfy your company's exact goals, style and objectives.

Personalized & Remarkably Interactive Customer Service Training Seminars Created to Assist Missouri Companies All Over the State, from St. Louis to Kansas City includes:

•    Role playing activities emphasize the material and form each customer service method to apply to your sales teams’ specific personalities and styles.
•   Individual  customer service training consultations customize the training to results that ease more  customers rapidly and aid customer needs.
•    Smaller class sizes make sure everyone gets individual attention.
•   Accessible  customer service methods from the Missouri marketplace.

Customer Service Training Techniques Guaranteed to Turn Complaints Into Compliments

Two Sample Customer Service Programs:

1.) Half-Day Seminar - A.W.A.R.D.-Winning Customer Service
2.) Full-Day Seminar - The Art of Turning Challenge into Cheers





This workshop offers your customer service reps with justifiable customer service strategies that will allow them to take the lead in the conversation and alleviate tense situations.

Customer service reps will learn:

•    Helpful rapport-building strategies to forge long-term customer service relationships
•    How to secure the customer's attention immediately and make a great first impression
•    Four series of questions that establish trust and reveal your customer's particular needs
•    The one essential strategy to manage the objection of the most persistent customer
•    Eight steps to uncover the undisclosed reasons that keep a customer from dismissing an issue
•    Four-part strategy to emphasize how the customer is helped from your solution over a competitor
•    Seven solutions that leave the customer smiling 
•    Through role-playing and training exercises, all of these strategies become habitual


This customer service seminar gives your support team all of the skills and methods needed to improve customer satisfaction ratings, regardless of their experience level. It includes all of the benefits and customer service training strategies of the 1/2-Day seminar.

Your Customer service representatives will learn:

•    How to improve constructive word of mouth regardless of how tense a situation gets.
•    Four steps to advise reps to talk about solutions and benefits rather than problems.
•    How to turn complaints into an opportunity for a repeat customer.
•    Three methods that will encourage your customer service team to listen better.
•    Realize why a customer complains and use that information to your advantage.
•    Interpreting body language and the real meaning of spoken words.
•    Seven exercises to deal with the most common objections and challenges that have representatives reach 100% of their potential.

Customized customer service workshops for your company
As always, each customer service program is customized to your business, your industry and your team. Additionally, every customer service program integrates the customer service skills and tools used by your top achievers. Workshops can take place at a location of your choosing or at our Missouri Training Center. Whether your team is in St. Louis, Kansas City or in Jefferson City, we’re happy to help.

For more information on customer service training in Missouri and throughout the U.S. please call (888) 287-0149 or e-mail us at


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